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About F-Secure
Nobody knows cyber security like F-Secure. For three decades, F-Secure has driven innovations in cyber security, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people. With unsurpassed experience in endpoint protection as well as detection and response, F-Secure shields enterprises and consumers against everything from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches to widespread ransomware infections. F-Secure's sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security. F-Secure's security experts have participated in more European cyber-crime scene investigations than any other company in the market, and its products are sold all over the world by over 200 broadband and mobile operators and thousands of resellers.
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Protection service for Business
  • Save Time In Incident Recovery: We are proven to provide better security than our competitors, saving you time in incident recovery
  • Prevent Breaches With Patch Management: Integrated patch management updates operating system and third-party software to prevent the majority of attacks
  • Reduce Costs With Cloud-Native Deployment: No need to invest in server hardware, software, or maintenance.
Companies are facing challenges in minimizing the business risk brought on by cyber threats like ransomware. F-Secure Protection Service for Business is designed from the ground up to solve challenging business security needs with minimum maintenance and management overhead. It’s award-winning best protection for Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android devices and a variety of server platforms. With integrated patch management, layered protection, and advanced behavior and heuristic analysis, Protection Service for Business stops tomorrow’s cyber threats – today.
Business suite
  • Strong Certified Partner Network: Self-managed service or fully outsourced management by a certified service provider
  • Centralized Console Management: Saves time and resources from IT
  • Smart Technology: Integrates across all your devices and fences your business from cybersecurity threats
F-Secure Business Suite is the perfect answer to your organization’s security challenges. It offers award-winning technologies combined with modern, clever tools to keep you protected against both known and unknown vulnerabilities. In it, we combine the years of expertise of the best brains in the security business with automated tools and the accumulated data and sample pool that helps us develop the product to combat the latest threats. This makes Business Suite ideal for companies with demanding security needs in terms of functionality, control, and integration.
Rapid detection & response
  • See everything: Gain immediate contextual visibility into your IT environment and security status
  • Detect incidents: Protect your business and its sensitive data by detecting breaches quickly
  • Stop breaches: Respond swiftly with automation and guidance when under attack
F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response is an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that monitors your IT environment status and security to detect advanced threats and potentially harmful applications. It detects targeted attacks swiftly thanks to proprietary Broad Context Detection™ that combines data points about potential threats and abnormal behaviour. It enables efficient response with automation and guidance by giving them visibility into the entire context of an attack. The solution is managed either by your own IT team, or a certified EDR service provider backed by F-Secure.
Cloud protection for MSO365
  • Comprehensive Office 365 Protection: Powered by F-Secure’s industry leading detection and response technology against sophisticated email attacks.
  • Cost Effective Choice: Keeping your business safe with advanced security features without racking up your email security cost.
  • Deploys In Just A Few Minutes: Leverages cloud-to-cloud integration that doesn't require any middleware or software to be installed and easy to manage. 
Protect your business from advanced email threats with our Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365. An easy deployment with the highest possible detection rate for business security. F-Secure Cloud Protection is built to complement the native email security capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 to bring you a comprehensive protection against the most sophisticated phishing, malicious content, and targeted attacks.
  • Scan the deep web: F-Secure Radar features web crawling technology that also covers the deep web in addition to your own network and its assets.
  • Fight brand exploit: With a little bit of experience with Radar, any IT security manager can generate a threat assessment report concerning activities such as brand violation or phishing sites intended to scam or infect visitors
  • Reduce expenses: F-Secure Radar runs on cloud with a high level of automation for reporting and workflow freeing your teams from the tedious manual activity of tracking vulnerabilities saving costs & resources for your business
F-Secure Radar is a turnkey, enterprise grade vulnerability scanning and management platform. It combines IT asset discovery and inventory, identification and management both internal and external threats. Report on risks and conduct compliance to current and future regulations (such as PCI and GDPR compliance). Radar gives you visibility into shadow IT: map your full attack surface and respond to critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats
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